About Us

Our Company:

Overwatch Holsters started out as a project by the instructors of F.A.S.T O.C, a California based training company when we realized just how much we were spending on the amount of holsters we need and how long we were waiting for them to be made.

We quickly ended up making holsters for students, friends and other trainers. When word of mouth demand reached a point we needed a purpose built workshop and website, we bit the bullet and started officially making holsters for the general public.

The development process of Overwatch Holsters through self defense training and instruction as well as competition gives us the opportunity to develop strong comfortable holsters.

The end result being holsters with strict attention paid to grip access, conceal-ability and durability... achieved with heavy testing and attention to feedback from our instructors, students, competitors and customers.

Our Warranty:

The Overwatch Holsters warranty is very simple:

If you wear out or break one of our items, we will repair or replace it at no charge. 

An actual 
unconditional lifetime warranty.

It's that simple - just return the product and we will make it right.