Customer Reviews

Hey Ian,

I purchased late last year the AIWB Glock 17 rig you built and I just wanted to shoot you a message and tell you how awesome it is. I've carried it now for a month and a half roughly, using both my 17 and a 19. Even though it's a little long for the 19, its still awesome and maintains retention very well on both guns. And it's smooth drawing too. There isn't any grainy feeling or stickyness to the holster when inserting or drawing the firearm.

I'm going to be ordering some IWB mag carriers here shortly.

Once again, thank you for all your time and dedication to making the awesome holsters you do.


Treadstone for Shield:

Direct link to review.

After reading dozens, if not hundreds, of posts about reasonably priced IWB holsters for the Shield, I decided to go with the Treadstone by Overwatch Holsters. I thought I would share my experience with the community. First, i will mention that my previous IWB was a Desantis Pocket-Tuk that can either be a pocket holster or an IWB with adjustable cant. I liked it for a pocket holster, but as an IWB, it just wasn't comfortable. Hence my search for a replacement.


The ordering process was simple and easy. The only confusion I had revolved around the body shield with 3 options being offered. I opted to go with the full shield thinking, if I did not like it, I could always have it cut down. As it happens, I liked it just the way it was. The day my holster arrived, I'd been wearing my Desantis IWB. I swapped them out and (as the teens say), OMG what a difference. The level of comfort was amazing. With the Desantis, I was always painfully reminded of my gun's presence and found myself constantly adjusting the gun to ease the ride. With the Treadstone, the only time I touched my weapon was to remind myself that it was there because it felt so light and small by comparison. My first thought was,"I bought the Shield because it was thin and concealable and this holster is the perfect compliment."


As to construction, this puppy is solid. The kydex is thick, fit and retention is perfect. The gun snaps in solidly and yet the draw is smooth. There are no sharp edges. The clip is solid making it easy to put on or take off. I believe the holster is warrantied for life (though I'd check the website to be sure).


After my purchase, I had a few questions. Ian was very responsive to my queries. The item shipped as promised and communication of status was provided in a timely manner. So, as you've probably guessed, I am a very satisfied customer at this point. I would happily recommend Overwatch Holsters in general, and "The Treadstone" specifically. You will not be disappointed in the product or in Ian.




Got mine in the mail today. I took a few pictures. This in the first kydex holster I've owned, and I like it much better than the leather holsters. My leather IWB clip holsters are much thicker than the kydex holster. The profile is very thin and comfortable.


As you can see from the pics, the sweat guard runs along the entire slide, and for the most part, the only part gun that sticks out is from the handle on up... The retention is tight and firm. The gun will not fall out while doing normal everyday activities.





I received my holster, and I am really impressed.  The fit, finish, really everything about this holster is superb. retention is great, with a positive "click" as the gun is holstered. it's the perfect size, completely covering the trigger guard, without a scrap of unneeded material. Ian has really got things down pat with this holster for the Shield. I will post pictures later, but it truly disappears with IWB carry.


thanks, Ian, for a great holster!





Got my Treadstone in the mail yesterday. I'm extremely impressed. This is my second high end kydex holster, the first being an early model Sidearmor. I believe the quality on the Overwatch surpasses the SA in every way.


I'm a very pleased NC cop, and only wish I had ordered a mag carrier with the holster...





I have now carried my Shield concealed in this holster for a month. no loss of retention, no uncomfortable moments, and NO ONE has seen it. I have not left it in my truck on really hot days (in places I can't carry), but as soon as it cools down some, it will be with me 24/7.


You guys should really look into Ian's designs if you like Kydex and a well-designed, small holster.