In Depth

Our holsters are made individually to a very high standard. We do not scrimp on the time spent or the materials used to make our holsters. 

The development process of Overwatch Holsters through self defence training and instruction as well as competition gives us the opportunity to thoroughly develop our holsters.

The end result being holsters with strict attention paid to grip access, conceal-ability and durability... achieved with heavy testing and attention to feedback from our instructors, students, competitors and customers.

All our holsters are molded using either the actual gun or mold guns designed specifically for thermoforming rather than the inconsistent blue dummy guns many garage/weekend holster businesses use.  Blue guns are not designed to be heated or reheated or to the tolerances necessary for thermoforming.


We use exclusively 0.080 thickness Kydex to provide a strong solid foundation as it is the perfect balance of weight and strength.


Quality hardware is also used to ensure a long lasting, dependable holster.  We use hardware that has been Melanite treated by a U.S. metal treatment company.  Melonite is a thermochemical treatment for improving surface properties of metal parts.  In addition to generating a deep black color that is a part of the surface of the metal, it also hardens the surface of the part to approximately 70 on the Rockwell scale.  This process offers unparalleled abrasion and rust resistance, and is superior to the more common black oxide finish.