Q. How long will it take to get my holster or Magazine Carrier?


A.  Due to volume of orders, current lead time is around 10 business day.


Q.  How much is shipping?


A.  We ship our holsters all over the country at $8 flat rate. We don't ship international without prior arrangement. There are a lot of forms and permissions to get.


Q. I have a few guns I want holsters and carriers for, can I get a discount for a bulk order?

A. Absolutely. Get in touch through the contact page and we'll sort you out. That goes for more than a few and into proper bulk orders.


Q. I have a gun that's not listed in your options. How can I get a holster made?


A. Get in touch and let us know, we are industrious and know a few people. If we can get the make and model to mold, we will.


If you're local in California (Orange County or Riverside County), you can set up an appointment to come by with your pistol and have it made in person.


If you're not local, please DO NOT SEND US A FIREARM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. We are NOT an FFL and that's really illegal. 


We are working on acquiring other guns to mold, it's expensive and takes time to build the collection. 


Q. Does Kydex scratch my gun?


A. Any holster that your firearm will be going in and out of on a regular basis will cause wear to a firearms finish over time. Kydex™ has actually been shown to wear a firearm LESS than leather over time. While leather tends to retain dirt and debris which can damage your firearms finish, Kydex™ can simply be rinsed with water to clear any foreign particles.

If damage to your firearms finish is your primary concern, then you may want to keep it in the safe and purchase another gun for training and protection.


Q. What's a sweat guard?


A. It's shaped piece rising up from the holster to keep the slide of the gun rubbing against skin or clothing. 


Q. I don't see any of the camouflage patterns. Can I get my holster made in any of those?


A.  If your heart is set on it, yes. A lot of the camo patterned Kydex available is laminated overlay, printed or hydro-dipped and we don't want to use anything that can be damaged easier than it has to be - and we are all about rugged. The infused patterned thermoplastic we wish to use is very expensive and as such, not realistic to stock yet. If you particularly want a patterned holster and aren't easily sticker shocked, then feel free to get in touch and we can price up and order the pattern you would like in.



Q. Do your holsters have warranty?


A. Yes, our holsters have a lifetime warranty. If you have any problems just send it back and we will fix it or replace it at no cost. We don't mess about.


What is your return policy?


Once you receive your holster you have two weeks to try it out, if it doesn't work for you, simply get in touch and we will refund. Even after your two-week-try-it-free period is over, the holster still carries a lifetime warranty and we will repair or replace it as long as you own it if it fails you in any way under normal use.


Q. I would like more/less retention in my holster. How do I change it?


A. Drop us an email and we can send you instructions. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, feel free to mail it back to us and we will happily adjust it to your requirements. We can not warranty for you modifying it yourself


Q. Do you offer LEO and Military discounts?


A. Absolutely. Please email us regarding this and we will offer a coupon code which can be used at checkout.